Saturday, June 14, 2014

Top 5 Don't Reads

       I've been a really bad blogger lately, so being me, the best way to make it up is post a bunch of books that made me wonder why I love reading. Yes, that was dramatic but I am a dramatic person. I guess I don't hate these books, but they didn't exactly make me happy either.  I'm a really picky reader so I go through a lot books before finding my favorites. Some of the ones I read aren't bad, but I just didn't like them. The books below are the ones that I think just failed all together. If any of the books mentioned below are your favorites, I'm sorry.

In some sort of order, here are my top 5 books that I think aren't worth even considering.

The Selection by Kiera Cass
        This is one the popular newer dystopian, fantasy novels that had a lot of hype about it. The cover is gorgeous and the plot didn't sound too bad, so I picked it up. While reading, everything was sounding very familiar and then it hit me. The Selection is literally the TV show, The Bachelor, in fantasy form. A prince choosing a bride out of a group of girls who get sent home as the Selection goes on. Um no thanks. And if that isn't bad enough, the main character America was the stupidest and most ridiculously written character ever. Her attitude was literally, "I can't believe I have to live in a gorgeous palace and have a chance of marrying a prince all while my family is being taken care of. Uh, my life though,". She was meant to be the sweet and caring girl from the lower faction that had been forced to give up her love and her family to be in the Selection but she came off as the clichéd rebel bitch. The entire story was so stereotypical that it was one huge cliché.

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
           Apparently these days, authors can not come up with anything original. Everyone just wants to remake Fifty Shades of Gray because the world is that black and white. Change some stuff around and abracadabra, you have a new book. Another book about a shy gorgeous intern and the hot sexy boss. They flirt, they have sex, they fight, repeat. All day everyday. And then at the end the miracle or miracles happens. They fall in love. Wow so didn't see that coming. Can we not?

The Ever After of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen
        This is the 4th book in The Secret series and the 3rd of Ella and Micha's story. The first one was fantastic and I loved it. The second was considerably duller and there wasn't anything special about it. The 3rd book in the series wasn't even about Ella and Micha. And this 4th one, wasn't even necessary. The whole book was just Ella freaking out and Micha calming her down, and then the whole thing repeating itself for 272 pages. It was pretty predictable with no dramatic moment and the series could have gone without it. Just the book being written annoys me because instead of focusing on another book, the author wrote this one. When you read this, it feels like not a lot of effort was put into this. Literally, "Lol the train isn't here yet, let me write a book,"

Is this giving anyone else a headache?
Don't worry, only 2 more to go.

Rush Too Far by Abbi Glines
          If you have a Rush Crush, just skip this paragraph. Rush Too Far is Fallen Too Far told from Rush's point of view. Sounds interesting. We get to read about how Rush fell in love with Blair. The good news is that I didn't want to gouge my eyes out while reading. While reading form Rush' point of view wasn't too bad, the biggest problem with this book was how far fetched it was. For example, the pedestal that Rush holds Blair on. It's too unrealistic even for a fictional book. And most of the stuff from Rush's point of view wasn't even anything new. In the last book, since we had both Rush and Blair's point of view, it is all very repetitive.

Wanted by Kelly Elliott
          Out of all the books I had with one star, this is the one I chose to be in my Top 5. This entire book was cheesy and way too unrealistic. The main character Gunner, falls in love with Ellie after knowing her for a week. I'm pretty sure it take more than a week to fall in love. The author also tried too hard to make the characters likable. It was all very cliché. Of course Ari and Ellie were the loud and shy type of best friends. She made all the characters so that they had no faults. But then again, that in itself is a fault. The way this book was written was also very poor. They spoke their actions. Meaning, if one of them needed a sweatshirt, they would say, "I have to go inside to get my sweatshirt because the weather is becoming colder and I don't want to fall sick, so I'll be right back,". The entire book was like this. No. Another complaint was that the point of view changed between 4 characters and it was all really random so that just adds to the confusion. Be sure to read my full review, for a more details.

           So there are my Top 5 Don't Reads for now. Sorry for the all the negativity, and more positive and happy posts will be coming soon. Again if your favorite book was mentioned, I'm sorry but everyone needs their own opinion.