Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Whiskey Prince

The Whiskey Prince by Toni Aleo
July 7, 2014

        Here I am. Back to talk about another book by Toni Aleo. The only difference between my two posts, is that this one hasn't come out yet. I was fortunate and extremely lucky to receive an ARC of this book, and I really had to think about this book because I wanted to give it the most honest and truthful review. Instead of giving you a play by play, we're just going to get right into what I liked and what I didn't like.

        One thing that I think everyone should know before you start expecting things, is that this book is a total turn from the Assassins series. This book is a lot more PG-13 and is more in the teen/young adult category. But that in a way is really refreshing. These days, romance novels are all about the passionate and steamy moments. Not many authors actually concentrate on the sweet and more innocent part of love and it only hit me after reading this book, how little I have read where the characters don't have sex.

        The plot was also really interesting and it really caught my attention. I haven't read a lot of books that take place in Ireland, so I really liked the heavy appearance of Irish culture. I don't know anything about Irish culture, but from what I read, Toni Aleo put in the time and effort to make things as genuine as possible. The entire part about Declan's family history and how he was treated really interested me. Everything about the Whiskey Prince, the rules in his family, were all new concepts to me. I have read a lot of books, so I did love learning something new.

        Now the bad parts. This book was shorter than I expected, and I felt that everything ended too quickly and it was rushed. Ever since I learned about the narrative story arc, with every book I read, I try to mentally fill it out. In this book, I feel like it didn't have a climax. There were moments where you caught your breath, but then it was resolved in two or three pages. There was no biting nails, pulling hair scene. When the book ended, I had to do a double take and make sure I wasn't missing pages. The whole story moved really fast, and it threw me off. I was really confused after finishing this books and  at first I even thought I may have been reading a book from a different author. This was my main issue with this story, but I will be awaiting the sequel.

        Something that I was surprised about, is that I wasn't able to connect with the characters. I couldn't really picture them in my head as I'm usually able to. We didn't really know what Amberlyn was thinking for a lot of it and it wasn't as fun to read. We got a few snippets of what Amberlyn and Declan were thinking here and there, but we weren't given a chance to fully connect. It wasn't as 3D as I hoped it to be. Even the minor characters seemed a little too flat.

        Now all this said doesn't mean I hated to book. This book is still a lot better than a lot of romance novels out there. There were those parts that I loved and thought were perfect, but I was just kind of disappointed. If you read other people's reviews, they have a completely different opinion than I do, and maybe you'll be one of them. In my opinion, this book could have been written better. Again, this is my fully honest review of this book and in no way does it take away from my excitement from the next releases in Toni Aleo's hockey world.